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Zovirax is an antiviral remedy, exhibiting an expressed activity against simple herpes, herpes zoster, varicella virus. The active substance of Zovirax is Acyclovir. This material has ability of penetrating into virus' DNA, causing defective DNA's occurrence, which can inhibit the process of doubling the molecules next generation viruses. Thus, the Zovirax's antiviral effect is aimed at the disruption of the process of virus multiplication and formation of unable to live viral units, without affecting healthy cells of the human body.

Indications for use:
Zovirax effectively treats mucous membranes and skin infections provoked by the simle herpes, herpes zoster and varicella virus . Zovirax is recommended for patients with immunodeficiency and normal immune status for herpes simplex prevention. Zovirax is appointed for herpes infections' treatment of newborns.

Instructions for use:
Drug reception time is independent of food intake. Tablets are taken with enough amount of water. For the Herpes simplex is prescribed Zovirax every 4 hours in amount of 200 mg (5 times/day). It is recommended to increase the dose of Zovirax twice for the patients with intestinal absorption or severe immunodeficiency. Duration of treatment - 5 days. To prevent a recurrence of herpes for patients with normal immune status is appointed a day dose of 800 mg: 200 mg of Zovirax every 6 hours; or doubled dose, taken with a doubled interval between doses . The same scheme of using Zovirax is prescribed for herpes simplex prevention to immunocompromised patients. Taking the drug continues until disappearing of threat of infection. Zovirax tablets are taken against Varicella and herpes zoster within one week 5 times a day, with a dose if 800 mg. For the children aged of two years is assigned the same dose as adult's for herpes treatment and prevention. Half dose is recommended for the children under two years aged. For varicella and herpes zoster infected children Zovirax is taken within 5 days 4 times/day at doses of 200 mg (for children up to 2 yers), 400 mg (aged of 2 to 6 years) and 800 mg (aged over 6 years).